Friday, 4 April 2014

Chiltern Warrior 2014

The Chiltern Warrior is a 10K cross country run with obstacles.

Here's the website for it.

I said yes and before I knew of it, I was rubbing on the 'deep heat' onto my legs and warming up. The start was a bit chaotic as there were two races (waves) with the second wave warming up at the start line while the stragglers from the first wave were still coming in. Also, since there were obstacles - they had to let runners out in batches to prevent bunching up. This could have been handled better: I would recommend that they get runners into a long line and release runners sequentially every 10 seconds or so and away they go.

Still, slight grumblings aside, the run was through some nice woodland areas but two killer hills and switch backs right at the beginning. The course is 5k so all 10K runners go round it twice. Now, psychologically - knowing that you have a 20-ft high fence to scale and some rather tough and uncomfortable crawling to be done, is ahead of you - it can sap your morale somewhat!

My initial 5k was pretty fast, I felt fresh and energetic though I tired around the 6.5k mark mid-way through the first hill (again) - felt a lot tougher second time round!

I was pretty exhausted by the time the last obstacle came along: a 20-ft high fence to climb over and then a steep mound of rubble.

However, enjoyable for sure and I will try again next year. My next run I hope will be something a bit flatter. Am eyeing up the Bearbrook 10k or Thame 10k. The Aldbury 5.3M is not possible for me this time round.

Last distance run:10.0 km
Duration: 70 minutes 10 seconds
Pace: 7.0 min/km
Total run so far: 368.86 km