Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A 'fun' run? LOL

Not my picture - Aldeburgh Carnival
Over the month of August, I visited the lovely town of Aldeburgh and was roped into a 'fun' run - this was part of the Aldeburgh carnival that has been running for a while; they called the run a the 'fun mini-marathon'. I think that should have been a clue. So I signed up thinking it would be a fun run with kids around the Thorpeness Mere etc. etc.

Nope, the Aldeburgh 'mini-marathon' turned out to be a 10K - not too much of a shock but I wasn't really prepared for this! Over 200 runners eventually turned up - I was there early and managed to get number 5 (!)

So I lined up with my brother in law and away we went. We kept up a decent pace but we were slightly perturbed when a 10 year old over took us and kept on going to the end! The course was challenging as it involved a run through the shingle and sandy beach. Both very tiring for the calf muscles and feet.

We both finished at the same time, keeping each other company and chatting away throughout the run. Oddly, I beat me Bearbrook time from a week ago. Another PB for 2013!

My finish time was 00:51:35
97th overall position (brother in law was 96th)

Last distance run:10.0 km
Duration: 51 minutes 35 seconds
Pace: 5.1 min/km
Total run so far: 343.86 km