Monday, 26 August 2013

Bearbrook 10K - completed

Me and a friend before the run...
With little training (no football during the week and DIY takes up some of my weekends) I had signed up to run the Bearbrook 10K and without really noticing; the weekend rushed up to me. havong not done much training meant that I was a little bit apprehensive. However, it was a beautiful day - cool and bright. I had a banana, a decent night's sleep and felt quite hydrated. I assume that a single banana probably wasn't enough.

Anyway, my wife was there to cheer me on and I assembled at the start (alongside the 45-50 minute crowd) and off we went. The pace was faster than I expected but I wanted to get a decent pace and then throttle it down, at least that is what I told myself!

By the second kilometre, the pace (around the 4.5 minute / kilometre) was beginning to tell and I started to slow down to something that I was happier with; I had another 8 kilometres of this so I had to finish in good order.

I reckon that I should think 'run faster' to actually get faster but that's between races! The rest of the race was a sedate affair. I took on water around the 7.5 km mark and continued through to the end. The last 1 km was a fast run, with me chasing two runners who I managed to catch up and beat to the finish line.

Best time in 2013 so far.

Not bad.

My finish time was 00:52:27
My chip time was 00:52:06
93rd in the men's senior category
281st overall position

Last distance run:10.0 km
Duration: 52 minutes 06 seconds
Pace: 5.2 min/km
Total run so far: 333.86 km