Sunday, 28 July 2013

Completed Thame 10K

Need more energy....
Not the best preparation for the Thame 10K - the day before I was out with friends eating and drinking and more eating and since most of them were Spanish; it meant a lot of food. All good food mind, especially the evening's tortilla: it was divine.

So getting to Thame for a 09:30 start (09:00 arrival to park up and collect numbers etc) was to prove a challenge but my wife was up to it and took me to the start line with five minutes to spare. I grabbed my number, a few stretches and met up with two work colleagues.

The lads are ready to rock and roll!

The weather was almost perfect: sunny and bright but not too hot. The starting gun went off and we were off.

My strategy was to keep to a sub 60-minute pace and keep something back for the last 2 km or so. The first kilometre had me moving up the pack and I found my rythm easy enough. Plenty of runners and I felt relaxed with myself.

The first bit took the runners through beautiful Thame and then out into the rural area along a number of paths. It started to get a bit narrower so I decided to maintain my relative position, taking my chances to move past some runners where I could. By the 5 km mark, I was running for 27 minutes, so not bad - I was hoping to beat my St. Albans 10K time but I was just a shade off the target. Had to speed up.

Took on some water around the 7km mark and I decided to speed up a bit and move past my group of runners. I could see another bunch about 1 km ahead and this would have made a good target for me to catch up with. Injecting a bit more pace I soon caught up and was now just under 2 km from the finish line. We were also coming into Thame itself, the paths giving way to concrete/asphalt pavement.  I decided to start to kick and kick hard to upped my pace; over taking runners as I sped past them. By the time I was 500m away from the finish, I was running the fastest pace - zipping past the finishing runners. My legs were burning, lungs working hard and heart pounding but I crossed the finish line almost at a sprint.

My finish time was 00:54:28
My chip time was 00:53:44
146th in the men's senior category
301st overall position

Last distance run:10.0 km
Duration: 53 minutes 44 seconds
Pace: 5.3 min/km
Total run so far: 323.86 km