Monday, 13 May 2013

St Albans 10K coming up


Well, I am fully recovered from the marathon, even my left knee feels ok but I did hurt myself playing five-a-side this week: a diving save to my right and I hurt my (already weakened) right shoulder. You use your arms to help you run, so it will definitely be an impediment to my running. I have signed up for the St. Albans 10K this weekend and I am quietly confident about it. I know that I will finish (come on, I finished the marathon!) but I do need to take things easy even if I feel fully recovered. Building back up to a half-marathon later this year.

My target time is 60 minutes - though my fastest has been 44 minutes but I was 15 years younger and I think 10 lbs lighter. No injuries and I want to be able to walk away from the event. 10K are my favourite event as they are relatively fast runs and a challenge in terms of speed.

All my kit is now ready but I have done no running since the completion of the marathon two weeks ago. This is my first run and it will be a useful gauge on where I am in terms of fitness, pace and overall ability.

The same preparatory rules apply to any running: get hydrated, stay hydrated, carbo load and plenty of sleep. All of which I should do this weekend, barring more garden maintenance work.

Should be fun...

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