Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It's been a week - and I feel great!

Hi all,

It has been a week since the Marathon - and I feel great. Well, I do feel great now - the monday and tuesday after the marathon, I was in a bit of discomfort. Here's a picture of me the morning after with my cats on top of me trying to wake me up....

Wake up! I need to be fed...!!
I was in no state to do anything. I was still asleep and my wife thought is was funny to take the pictures. No cats were hurt in the taking of the pictures.

So, what do I have in store?

The blog was set up to record my training preparation as I got myself ready for the London Marathon. Now I have done it, I am going to continue this blog as I continue to train and run. Oh yes, there's more running in Ming's legs that's for sure. Luckily I named my blog 'Run Ming, Run!' so it is perfect to record the further adventures of Ming. Yes, I will continue to run as you never know when the Zombie Apocalypse might require quick feet.....

My next training run will be a slow run at work this week but am considering signing up for the St. Albans 10K on the 12th May. Definitely going for the Tring Ridgeway, a great 15km cross-country this October 2013. I have also my eye on the 10K Thame and the St Albans half-marathon too. So many choices but with the training I have completed so far, it is a shame to let the hard work go to waste. You never know, I might be secretly planning on re-entering the London Marathon 2014 in order to beat my time.

Anyway, the 'offical' photos from the London Marathon are now out. Here they are on my flickr photostream: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjEW8HKS (link is SFW) so enjoy and post comments as you see fit.

I do like this one though:

Yup, Ming keeping the Pig at bay!
My running adventure continues. Stay tuned.

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