Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Five days to go - Sad and Outraged at the Boston Marathon Bombing

Like everyone I am outraged and saddened by the events in Boston.

My thoughts are with the families of all those who suffered through this and I am sure that the perpetrators will be found. Any violence to innocent people is unjustified. There has been many a counter argument that drone strikes in Afghanistan is unjustified and I agree as well. I condemn those attacks too but one outrage doesn't justify another. I hope that common sense prevails and the goodness of humanity will overcome all.

So, the London Marathon will run albeit with enhanced security. This is the right thing to do and the best response is to run and compete and complete and cheer everyone on. There will be a 30-second silence before each of the races; something that I will be proud to perform.

I will need to collect my running number in person (55042) and also collecting my MapAction running top. A bit late in terms of delivery this time round but the logistical excellent of Messrs Sims and Sims will see us through. I haven't had a chance to introduce the other marathon runners for MapAction but it is about time to. They are:

Chris Holcroft
Mark Jarman
John Lyon
Ian Holt
Chris Edgeton-Warbuton

These chaps will start more or less with me but over time, am sure that we will be split up as the race progresses. I hope to finish before the sweep up bus - that's my target!

The preparations have been a slow run over the weekend and then plenty of rest, sleep and eating the right foods. I have been going to bed early and trying to get 9-10 hours sleep each night. I hope that this gives me the extra energy to complete the final miles. Eating the right foods has been a fun exercise though I had to avoid some lovely cakes and muffins brought in by my forever-cooking-baking-foodie colleagues. Just check out the baked goodness on offer:

Ming can't have me.....

Also, today we had more collegues put together their 'midweek muffin' special that included Cheese and Chilli muffins or Red Leicester & Chorizo muffins! They are culinary wizards and sorcerors for sure....take a bow: James, Beth and Anna.

Eat me....

However, I have to stick to a carbohydrate rich diet to ensure that I am topped up with the right amount of energy to last me through most of the run. It won't be enough of course, I will need to top up during the race through the drinks and gels that I will be carrying but I hope to have enough in the tank to go almost the entire distance. So plenty of brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, berries, bananas, 'natural' fruit bars ('') and lean proteins.

My dinner, and my lunch dinner again.
So am sort of ready, I do wish I ran more and more regularly or started earlier, got better shoes; earlier but you know what? I doubt that I will be 100% happy with my prep. I am a bit more confident that's for sure but there's more that always can be done.

Some stretching exercise over the next few days - maybe a light run on friday but that's about it. More eating of course. That isn't going to stop!

Last distance run: 5.55 km
Duration: 41.24 min
Pace: 7:16 min/km
Total run so far: 261.67 km

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