Saturday, 13 April 2013

8 Days to go! - here we go...

My last week and I have been working hard....doing not much. There's some running to be done, some stretching and some eating but I just need to relax a bit and wait for the big day.

Here's part of my training before I 'carbo-load'...

Yum, yummy!
Spent some 'exercise' time sorting out some very old stuff from my mum's antic and discovered some gems: star wars figures and old copies of Viz..... Moving boxes most of the night definitely got my sweat up! Also, working hard on getting the last donations in - am close to reaching my target too so come on people, donate a fiver for a super charity (MapAction) and also ensuring that I turn up!

I need to get my running number next week as well as picking up some of my drinks and energy bars from the London Marathon Expo. I will take photos and give everyone a report but for now, I am exhausted. Going to get some rest, have a short 5 mile run tomorrow.....

Last distance run: 5.55 km
Duration: 41.24
Pace: 7:16 min/km
Total run so far: 261.67 km

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