Sunday, 7 April 2013

14 days to go - some last minute training

Training can be a chore...he said
Well, this is the beach outside of my hotel. Running in the sun has its advantages for sure but it sure can be distracting. After months of training and over 250km over road and track, I am now two weeks away from the starting line. A little bit nervous but very excited.

Still, I have been maintaining my running, albeit with a lot of sauna and jacuzzi 'training' thrown in! My training plan does include a lot of stretching and relaxation so I think they count. I have also been getting plenty of sleep too - which is great.

I did do a short run (above marathon pace) on Friday and in the heat, it was a bit of a chore but once I turned onto the beach and had the blue sea with it her crashing waves, it was easy. This entire holiday has been about relaxation and I have certainly achieved that goal. Mentally and physically relaxed.

Last distance run: 5.55 km
Duration: 41.24
Pace: 7:16 min/km
Total run so far: 261.67 km

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