Saturday, 20 April 2013

1 day to go - D-DAY tomorrow!!

Well, after over 250KM of distance, hours and hours of training and lots of fun and donations, I am less than 12 hours away from the start of what I am sure will be an unforgetable experience: London Marathon 2013. I sit here, tapping away on the keyboard, the sun is now setting and it's been a great day. In fact, it has been a great week!

I collected my number on friday, just to give myself the extra time to queue up and sort myself out and was very pleased at how quickly I was processed; getting my number and running chip in a matter of minutes. I then went into the expo itself where I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of 'stuff' available to test, to buy and to experience. I grabbed the lucozade goodie bag, an extra gel holding belt and  some more energy gels.

I am, after all a number...
There were a few talks and stuff on nutrition and hydration, so I sat in on them as well as getting a pasta meal to keep up the carbohydrate loading. The meal was disappointing and expensive but I can't complain, the Expo is an experience for sure.

So, after relaxing, collecting my gear and checking that I had indeed, packed everything I am now sitting here relaxed and reflecting on the time when I started the training and where it has led me - to here. The big day is tomorrow, am going to bed at 21:00 to ensure a good night's sleep but I doubt I will be able to get anything more than a few winks. I am quite excited.

Lots and lots of emails and texts from friends and colleagues wishing me well and the donations have been coming in - all fantastic!

The weather is meant to be quite nice too:
So I can't complain, cool but sunny to start so ideal really.

I hope to finish in five hours. Having never done a marathon, I am hopeful of finishing and it is half and hour faster than Ed Balls (MP) I believe. So long as I don't get overtaken by a hippo (not a real one, just someone dressed as one!) then I will be happy.

Here's my kit for the day.

Going to go to bed soon - thank you everyone for their support. It will be fab. The MapAction cheerleaders have arranged to set up between mile 13 and mile 22 markers and my friends and family will also be making their way there. I should be ambling around mile 13 around 12:00 with a 10:00 start, I reckong it will be around two hours before I get there. The fabulous MapAction logistics team are also keeping in touch with everyone via frequent updates. All I need to do is to finish.

Need to hydrate, keep focused and calm and enjoy the day.

Good night all - see you on the other side!

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