Friday, 1 March 2013

50 Days to go - freezing run; wheezing lungs and some dim sum

On some days, I sound like Anakin...
Ok, suffering the flu and it's after-effects isn't nice. I did the first 10K of 2013 and finished with a time of 58 minutes - much slower than I expected, was planning on a 45 minutes run and ten minutes slower than my previous time. So a bit disappointed for sure but I couldn't get my speed up and coughing hard enough to fall over didn't help. However, I did keep up my pace albeit a slow one and one thing that I need to do in the marathon is to keep my pace and don't stop. The end of the run had the organisers dish out mars bars (yum) and some milkshake-type drink, vanilla flavour I believe.

I drank this - it good

'Goodness shakes', vanilla flavour went down a treat. Very nice, cold and delicious. With the run finished, I went to see some friends and they took me and the missus out for a slap-up dim sum. An excellent end to the day.

I ate most of it.. oh yes, I did..!

This sunday, I have a half-marathon - a nice milestone and coming just seven days after this run. It's meant to be hilly too.

In terms of prep work, no running for me this week (or football) - but eating plenty of carbs and drinking plenty of water.

A wee bit nervous but I can't wait. Wish me luck.

Last distance run: 10 km
Duration: 58:01 minutes
Pace: 10.0km /hr
Total run so far: 226.0 km

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