Monday, 11 March 2013

37 Days to go and OUCH - my knee hurts

Phew it wasn't easy....
I completed the Berkhamsted Half Marathon in two hours and ten minutes, slower than I had expected but based on the previous week's result in the 10K; I wasn't surprised. The 'flu was hard to shake off.

However, I am pleased with the result. The start was slow for me but I deliberately did so to ensure that I had enough energy to get round. However, slowing down too much feels like using up even more energy so this is something that I need to work on.

Taking on fluids and food during the run is something that I need to work on as I am not used to it. Most of my runs (even half-marathons) I have gotten round with what I had to eat/drink just before the race. Usually, I am working off what I had consumed the night before. While cramming in a massive amount of pasta the night before the half-marathon (thanks Tammy, Tony, Russ and Jan for sorting this out) probably wasn't ideal but still useful preparation - taking on sustenance during a run is a sound idea. Especially when the body starts to run out of energy and you hit the wall....

This bowl and about another three more please - it's fuel isn't it?

Hurt my left knee though - mainly due to the last mile and a bit which is downhill. As soon as I stopped running it started to hurt. I mean really hurt, to the point where I was hobbling. Not good. My muscles were tired but I knew that they would be fine in a day or so but this was different. Ouch

Sad panda.

hurt knee means sad panda..
 So to cheer me up, some of my friends had already organised a lunch meet-up and I busied myself with roast pork, roasties and some of the best pork crackling I have tasted.

Happy panda now.

Need to take it easy over the next week or so and I also need to get hold of some new shoes. My current pair of running shoes are Saucony but are neutral so they don't support my foot/instep. I need to get a pair that does.

Last distance run: 21.09 km
Duration: 02:10:0
Pace: 10.0km /hr
Total run so far: 247.09 km

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