Sunday, 17 March 2013

34 days to go and new shoes

Oh yeah....
Right, after my antics with my knee and the half-marathon, I decided it was time to get some new shoes. My Saucony trail shoes have been great but anything more than a half-marathon and they show their limitations. So, I went into our local running shop, 'Up and Running' and asked for some new shoes. On the machine I go to check my stride, gait and whatever.

Yes, indeedy - new shoes with some support:

Here's the science bit:
I am mild to moderate overpronator. This means the my arch will collapse through the gait cycle and the foot will roll inwards excessively. 60-80% of all runners overpronate. Support shoes are characterised by additional support features on the inside of the shoe.

At £80.00 a go, they better be worth it.

Finally, decided to give 'RunKeeper' a twirl on my new Nexus 4. I like the new phone as its performance is superb with the JellyBean edition of Android. I decided on a slightly different route, one that I estimated to be about 15 km. The Nexus 4 fitted into the iPod pouch snugly and I had a 500 ml bottle strapped to my side. Off I went on my sunday run. It rained and it was wet and I took it slow. There was some messing about as I need to sort out the cats, the laundry and other things but I was finally out and on my run by 08:15 am.

Didn't run with music this time, just RunKeeper giving me an update every 90 seconds on my pace and time. Quite useful to help me develop a better and a more sustainable pace. I had to make a couple of detours as the path / road was flooded.

Last distance run: 14.88 km
Duration: 01:44.06
Pace: 8.4 km /hr
Total run so far: 249.97 km

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