Saturday, 30 March 2013

26 days to go - four week training plan kicking in...

This is how I see myself in four weeks.
The four week training plan now needs to kick in as the London Marathon is but a month away. I have recieved my confirmation letter, a magazine and some other bits. Looks like I will be going to collect my number and a Lucozade goodie bag (need to pay for it) that has drinks and snacks appropriate for the run a day before the run. The sports drink of choice during the London Marathon is Lucozade, the staple of any liquid diet when one is ill (at least that's how I remember it!) - but they have expanded their range to include a whole load of other potentially, useful stuff. I am especially intrigued with the cherry flavoured drink.

However, I have been using the System In Sport (SIS) range of products since my training started so will be switching to Lucozade and I hope it doesn't cause me any problems! Either way, I need to keep my fluid intake up.

Or so I have been told.....

Still not at 100% but am confident that the last four weeks' training will get me there.

Looking at the published London Marathon magazine, my final 4-week plan is something like this:

4 weeks to go
Mon - Rest
Tue - 30 mins easy run
Wed - Rest
Thu - 1 mile easy run, 4 miles half-marathon-pace, 1-mile easy run
Fri - Stretching
Sat or Sun - 20 miles long run (my final long run)

3 weeks to go
Mon - Rest
Tue - 30 mins easy run
Wed - Rest
Thu - 2 miles easy run, 4 miles half-marathon-pace, 2-mile easy run
Fri - Stretching
Sat or Sun - 13 miles long run (practise marathon pace)

2 weeks to go
Mon - Rest
Tue - 30 mins easy run
Wed - Rest
Thu - 1 mile easy run, 5x (2 mins intermediate running, 2 mins easy run), 1 mile easy run
Fri - Stretching
Sat or Sun - 8 miles easy run

Race week
Mon - 10 mins easy run, 20 mins half-marathon-pace, 10 mins marathon pace
Tue - Rest
Wed - 20 mins easy run
Thu - Rest
Fri - 20 mins easy run
Sat - Gentle stretching

Getting my gear prepped for tomorrow's final long run - some choice tracks on my new Nexus 4 and a bottle of two of lucozade and I should be good to go. Just hope it doesn't snow, tomorrow! Still, many thanks to all the support I have recieved so far. They have been very encouraging and makes the whole project worthwhile. Keep the donations coming, talk to friends and family and anyone else who would be interested!

Run Ming Run!
Last distance run: 6.55 km
Duration: 41.24
Pace: 7:16 min/km
Total run so far: 256.12 km

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