Monday, 11 February 2013

68 days to go - Weekend running; slightly faster....

This is how it felt like!!!!

With limited time over the weekend, I took an alternative (and shorter) route. I actually forgot my shoes (twice) during the week so missed out on some crucial mid-week running but I was determined to make it up over the weekend. However, real life came over and bashed me over the head and I found some that I had to deal with other obligations.

Anyway, mindful of the time available I had less than two hours free so decided on a fast run - trying to knock up my pace if at all possible. I knew that I could knock off two large 'loops' in my usual running route. Each removed loop was around 2.0 km each so it would become approximately 18 km in length.

An odd distance for sure but it was what I wanted and away I went. I tried some more of the SIS Iso-gels, this time it was added caffeine in it and 5-10 minutes after ingesting it; I did feel a slight boost.....though it could have been a placebo effect?

Last distance run: 18 km
Duration: 90:01 minutes
Pace: 12.0km /hr
Total run so far: 216.0 km

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