Monday, 14 January 2013

96 days to go - Running and snowing

That's my stuff....

Over the last two months I have accumulated a lot of new running stuff. The above pictures shows you some of the kit. I blogged about it last post about the exact amount but I tipped my bag out last night as I was looking for something and I still didn't find it!

Anyway, a weekend of sloth and food meant that I was very eager to get out today; despite the falling snow and near freezing temperature - I went out and did a fast circuit, knocking off almost ten minutes of my time! A bit of pose-running for sure. Also, being damn freezing was an incentive to run far and run fast!

No, I am not in this picture but the enthusiasm I have is about right...

I came in, half of my head (covered in warm beanie) plastered with snow and yelped as I had a hot shower. Still, a good run - no aches or soreness and I have less than 100 days to go!

Now to consume some more Lucozade!

Wait, there's a yellow one?

Last distance run: 8.5 km
Total run so far: 172.0 km

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