Wednesday, 2 January 2013

108 Days to go - Happy New Year!

Damn, been running so long the sun is going down (or is it coming back up?_
Did two runs: on the 27th I did my second half-marathon length run and then on New Year's Day went for a (relatively) fast 8km run, aiming for speed and above race-pace running. NYD was a wonderful day, bright, crisp and clear. I did stay up late to welcome in 2013 and probably ate too much too!

However, this time round I am definitely still feeling the ache from the last run; which I haven't experienced before. I think I might be 'over-training' - a condition in which my running is exceeding my body's ability to recover adequately.  Normally, I recover very quickly and no more than half-a-day.

Interesting and I thought I was just tired?

Going to give myself some rest, though I have read somewhere (in yet another book on marathon preparation) that one should be running every two days with no more than four day break as this could lead to a complete retardation of one's training efforts (!)

Rather alarming I think so am going to ignore it and take it easy for one additional day.

Oh, happy new year all! Hope everyone is enjoying the return to work, the fun of the routine and the challenges of 2013.

Last distance run: 30.0 km
Total run so far: 155.0 km

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