Wednesday, 9 January 2013

103 Days to go - my running kit

Yes, my precious...

Christmas time had me recieve plenty of gifts from friends and family and a fair few were related to running. So I got:

  • Running socks -very nice ones too.
  • Blister free inner socks - very useful and a nice addition to my compeed blister plasters.
  • A fluorescent beanie - very warm and eye-catching.
  • A running belt / drinks carrier - always keep oneself hydrated.
  • An iPod/MP3 neoprene armband-type carrier - ideal as I have just found my 2nd Gen Apple iPod
  • Dummies guide to Marathons - a useful book for sure. 
  • Another book, '4 months to run a 4 hour marathon' - having a good read of this too.
  • A flashing light-type-thing that I can clip to my hat - so people can see me when I run!
  • Highly reflective bike clips - more stuff so people can see me.

So a relatively quick run during my lunch hour on monday this week but parts of my route along the canal were still flooded so I got very wet feet! Parts of the path were flooded as the tow-path is only a few inches above the canal. Will need to skip the mid-week run but will make it up a day later methinks. Not sore now and I hope I avoid any over-training. Need to sign up for some 10K runs in Feb.

Last distance run: 8.5 km
Total run so far: 163.5 km

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