Monday, 28 January 2013

82 Days to go - back, oh yes, I am back....

I'm back!!
I do look cool with my shades on....

It rained heavily over the weekend and the snow and ice is now, no more. I went out (with some eagerness) for the first run in a week and a half. I had plenty of 'rest'.

Too much of this.....
Volume, need more volume....

Leads to this....

Yes, this is how I felt at times.....

So with plenty of sleep (and accumulated energy) I felt quite ready to tackle the usual lunch time circuit. So off I went with a bounce in my step.

Very muddy and parts of the pathways was flooded but it didn't deter me. I actually really enjoyed the run and got back to the office with plenty of puff left. A friend of mine has asked that I start putting in my pace (km/hr for example) and it's a fine idea.

This run took me a nice leisurely 45 minutes so approx 8.5km distance run means 11 km/hr. I do need a more accurate time-keeper to be honest and possibly a pedometer too. Any suggestions of a good one?

Last distance run: 8.5 km
Duration: 45:01 minutes
Pace: 11.3km / hr
Total run so far: 180.5 km

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

87 Days to go! - Ach, the snow!

My car is already under a foot of snow...

This week has been a disaster in terms of training. I did try to go out for a run on monday but only managed less than 1km before I almost tripped on a hidden kerb. Then I slipped twice and almost brained myself with the third slippage of the afternoon. My usual route, one that I have gotten familar with was transformed into a dangerous, treacherous and altogether, different place.

I gave up and considered going to the local gym but not being a member - it wasn't an option.

So, going to rest up and wait for the ice to melt enough so that I can go out for a run and bring my training programme back on track.

Monday, 14 January 2013

96 days to go - Running and snowing

That's my stuff....

Over the last two months I have accumulated a lot of new running stuff. The above pictures shows you some of the kit. I blogged about it last post about the exact amount but I tipped my bag out last night as I was looking for something and I still didn't find it!

Anyway, a weekend of sloth and food meant that I was very eager to get out today; despite the falling snow and near freezing temperature - I went out and did a fast circuit, knocking off almost ten minutes of my time! A bit of pose-running for sure. Also, being damn freezing was an incentive to run far and run fast!

No, I am not in this picture but the enthusiasm I have is about right...

I came in, half of my head (covered in warm beanie) plastered with snow and yelped as I had a hot shower. Still, a good run - no aches or soreness and I have less than 100 days to go!

Now to consume some more Lucozade!

Wait, there's a yellow one?

Last distance run: 8.5 km
Total run so far: 172.0 km

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

103 Days to go - my running kit

Yes, my precious...

Christmas time had me recieve plenty of gifts from friends and family and a fair few were related to running. So I got:

  • Running socks -very nice ones too.
  • Blister free inner socks - very useful and a nice addition to my compeed blister plasters.
  • A fluorescent beanie - very warm and eye-catching.
  • A running belt / drinks carrier - always keep oneself hydrated.
  • An iPod/MP3 neoprene armband-type carrier - ideal as I have just found my 2nd Gen Apple iPod
  • Dummies guide to Marathons - a useful book for sure. 
  • Another book, '4 months to run a 4 hour marathon' - having a good read of this too.
  • A flashing light-type-thing that I can clip to my hat - so people can see me when I run!
  • Highly reflective bike clips - more stuff so people can see me.

So a relatively quick run during my lunch hour on monday this week but parts of my route along the canal were still flooded so I got very wet feet! Parts of the path were flooded as the tow-path is only a few inches above the canal. Will need to skip the mid-week run but will make it up a day later methinks. Not sore now and I hope I avoid any over-training. Need to sign up for some 10K runs in Feb.

Last distance run: 8.5 km
Total run so far: 163.5 km

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

108 Days to go - Happy New Year!

Damn, been running so long the sun is going down (or is it coming back up?_
Did two runs: on the 27th I did my second half-marathon length run and then on New Year's Day went for a (relatively) fast 8km run, aiming for speed and above race-pace running. NYD was a wonderful day, bright, crisp and clear. I did stay up late to welcome in 2013 and probably ate too much too!

However, this time round I am definitely still feeling the ache from the last run; which I haven't experienced before. I think I might be 'over-training' - a condition in which my running is exceeding my body's ability to recover adequately.  Normally, I recover very quickly and no more than half-a-day.

Interesting and I thought I was just tired?

Going to give myself some rest, though I have read somewhere (in yet another book on marathon preparation) that one should be running every two days with no more than four day break as this could lead to a complete retardation of one's training efforts (!)

Rather alarming I think so am going to ignore it and take it easy for one additional day.

Oh, happy new year all! Hope everyone is enjoying the return to work, the fun of the routine and the challenges of 2013.

Last distance run: 30.0 km
Total run so far: 155.0 km

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