Monday, 3 December 2012

138 Days to go - Crazy kittens

These are not my kittens but they are very similar..

Chasing two kittens (one is teething) around the house is exhausting work and they are house-wreckers! With christmas presents already wrapped and lying around there is so much temptation to these rascals. So they make great warm-up exercise.

So, tonight's run was a fast affair. Same route as friday night but it was faster (well at least I thought so, something about running in the dark....) - but the last 1km is all uphill and a heartbreaker for sure.

A good run, had a shower and then cooked a lamb rogan josh. A nice way to end the evening.

Distance run: 8.5 km
Total run so far: 49.0 km

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