Monday, 10 December 2012

131 days to go - Le Weekend

This weekend past was always going to be written off, in terms of my marathon training - instead it involved eating and drinking (all tinged with a bit of guilt I might add), this is christmas after all! I ate well and this included christmas dinner (venison stew and I went back for seconds), christmas pudding, a delightful pear tart/tort with cardomon flavoured vanilla cream and more cheese than I can shake a stick at. I also had a full cooked breakfast, alchohol and other calorific items of goodness.

So, it was with some trepidation that I pick up the training gauntlet once more, I fear that the last month of training has been up-ended and rolled backwards to a point way, waaay before the start. Oh well. I always relished a challenge.

'tis a daunting task ahead of me....
Knowing that I needed helped, I asked Darren: a MapAction volunteer and a good friend of mine for advice. He is a qualified Level 2 triathlon coach, a tri-athlete and GIS guru and anyone interested in some sound and patient advice should give his team a look see. They're collectively called 'Wearetri'.

Darren had helped me complete my first half-marathon a couple of years back. With 131 days to go, I needed to focus and Sensei Darren was the key. Running throughout christmas and in the winter can be quite demoralising.

So here's the plan in brief: 3 weeks of training with 10% increase in distance per week followed by one week of relatively easy running. The aim is to get me past the half-way distance in two months. This should be a nice challenge but it also means that my runs will be longer (though my lunch time runs can't be extended....)

So, going for my 'sunday' run tonight (monday) and boy does it look cold. Hope the 'Beast from the East' stays put awhile longer....

Last distance run: 8.5 km
Total run so far: 57.5 km

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