Friday, 14 December 2012

127 Days to go - wet and knackered

Yes, this is me and no, that's not sweat - it was raining very hard outside.....
The weather has turned today - it was very cold (but pretty) a couple days ago, but today it is much milder but so wet. Still, nothing should stop me from my lunch time run so after a few stretches I was off towards the canal. Bad idea.

What was solid (frozen solid) pathway was a mess of mud, very cold water and the occasional half-hidden iron work. The latter I slipped on twice, with the second time twisting my ankle and my cursing aloud to the bemused ducks and swans around the canal. I was half way round so I just continued round, hoping that running would prevent the ankle from swelling up. This actually worked a treat with me finally coming back to the office in one piece, albeit wet.


My ankle hurts now.

Last distance run: 8.0 km
Total run so far: 79.0 km

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