Thursday, 20 December 2012

121 Days to go - Deep Heat Assisted Running

Slightly stiff, but a bit of Deep Heat and I was ready to rock and roll. The clothes I wore however, still damp from the wash the night before. I glanced at the map and decided on a all pavement/concrete run and a new circuit.

Rub it deep, rub it long..........
A bit of a slow run as I wanted to make sure that I did not aggravate my sore calf muscles but mindful that with christmas approaching, it would be a challenge in keeping up the regular run. I mean, christmas dinner and all the trimmings and dessert and chocolates and other goodies OR...more running? A tough choice for sure; however my wonderful wife has found my Saucony running shoes - the lightweight addidas ones aren't sturdy enough so now, I reckon I can tackle longer runs and more off-road routes now. She's also going to insist that I go out and do my bit.

Last distance run: 8.0 km
Total run so far: 95.0 km

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