Monday, 24 December 2012

119 Days to go - The Christmas Hurdle and cracking 100 KM

The herd, try running through this lot eh?

The Christmas is almost upon us and I am keeping in training with avoiding all the last minute christmas shoppers (of which I count myself unfortunately) - however, plenty of stamina and agility is required.

Went for another run last night - a quite late night run (20:00) and it was surprisingly mild though the first KM was tough as I didn't warm up properly and had to take it slow. I did pick up the pace from the +5km mark and the rest of the run was more than manageable.

I have also cracked the 100km cumulative distance run (since training began) - so quite pleased with this. A significant milestone for sure. 

Not too sure what plans I have but intend to stick to the training plan as much as possible over this festive period.

Last distance run: 8.0 km
Total run so far: 103.0 km

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