Tuesday, 25 December 2012

114 Days to go - Post christmas half-marathon!

Let's do more running!
Just before things would rapidly go downhill due to christmas, I went on my longest sustained run on sunday. It was a steady two hour run through housing estates, industrial estates and ending with a circuit that included some country lanes and cycle paths. I got lost a couple of times too and almost had to turn back at one point as the path ahead was flooded.

I had my iPod with me (old style, generation 2) and haven't only recently discovered it - I delighted in remembering half-forgotten tracks all from the 80s; power-ballads the lot of them!
Despite the poor hair styles, the music was ok....

After the run, I was mildly surprised that I was not too tired nor out of breath. I felt that I could have run longer but my target of completing the circuit was achieved.

I think this is a good sign.

However, about to be outdone by the inevitable christmas feast about to hit me. 

Last distance run: 22.0 km
Total run so far: 125.0 km

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