Monday, 19 November 2012

152 days to go - Autumn running

Not the route I took but pretty nonetheless
152 days to go...

Where has the time gone?

Started into my training with a relatively quick 8km run, took me about 20 minutes but I was struggling halfway through. Not brilliant but playing five-a-side football each week probably isn't enough training. However, they say the first step is always the hardest.

The run was this sunday morning, a bright and crisp Autumn day - just how I like it. I actually, spent ages rummaging around the house for my running kit and waking up my poor, ill wife in the process. I didn't find my running shoes (if you spot a size 8, grey Saucony shoes lurking around, they are mine!) but instead, I grabbed my white addidas trainers. The same pair that my dear wife brought for me for the Olympic torch relay. It was clean and white up until 10:00am when I surged into a muddy section of the road.

I plan to do at least x2 10Km runs each week and vary the content of the run with plenty of sprint work in each run. There's a few steep hills where I live and I used them as part of my preparatory work from my half-marathon three years ago.

Time flies for sure but here we go!

Distance run: 8km
Distance run so far: 8km

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