Friday, 23 November 2012

Missed training run

Actually, this is going to be one of my first 'excuse' posts; I was hoping to do an evening run last night but instead, I accompanied my darling wife to the cinema and watched 'Breaking Dawn, Part 2'. Not going to give any spoilers but there was a Bobby Ewing (from '80s Dallas fame) that had me going 'WTF?'

Still the film isn't as poor as part 1 and I am NOT a fan. However, I love my wife and saw it as my duty to accompany her to a cinema. There were other males there who nodded to me as they too, were doing their duty.

Says most of the males around the world.....
Anyway, I will make up for thursday's missed run with one tonight. I better find my reflective running top eh? Also realised that I missed an evening meal last night - two oranges and a bag of M&Ms does not make for a happy meal....

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