Sunday, 25 November 2012

146 Days to go - Apps and a sunday morning run

Need more apps....

A MapAction colleague of mine is also participating in the London Marathon 2013, he being a veteran from last year. Being gadget geeks I was interested in any useful apps that can help me to track my runs, compare with other runners and inspire me to do more.

Been recommended 'Runkeeper' and it looks like quite a good application. Are they any other applications out there? Well, runkeeper does look good but you know what? 'Run Zombie Run' sounds even better! It tracks your run but converts your distance into actions in game play. So your running allows you to collect supplies, weapons and stuff. The longer the distance, the more you get done. Come on, it's to save the world - get running.

Run Ming Run!

Another friend put forward Endomondo as the app he uses. A quick scan of it and it looks like this app has a lot of support across multiple platforms.

Anyway, went for a run this morning: crisp sunday morning, just how I like it. A steady run and completed 9km with a few uphill and downhills for variation. The route took me north out of the town and one of the roads was flooded with cars pretending to be boats as they crossed it! One of the local parks has now a lake too complete with happily swimming ducks.
Not going to be able to cross this....
Distance run: 9.0 km
Total run so far: 24.5 km

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