Monday, 26 November 2012

145 Days to go - thanks so far and where are my shoes?

My shoe cupboard doesn't look like this...

First, a big thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far: we're almost at the £200 mark so thank you, thank you!

Biggest donor was my employer who generously threw in £50.00 - I hope it didn't come out of my November pay-packet.....

Second, I can't find my 'main' pair of running shoes and I am holding out for the miracle that they will suddenly appear somewhere over the weekend. Well, they didn't and I need to make a decision soon on a replacement. The pair I have are addidas but they're not as stable as the Saucony pair I had.

So, any recommendations for a good pair of marathon-worthy running shoes that I can invest in?

Also, here's the route map. Since I work with GIS, I do need a map to keep me happy. Will probably knock something up in ArcGIS online when I have a moment to spare.

Thanks again!

Distance run: 9.0 km
Total run so far: 24.5 km

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