Tuesday, 27 November 2012

144 Days to go - a half-marathon as a warm-up?

Check out the smiling chap on the right in the red hat!
 My father-in-law suggested that I should consider the Berkhamsted half-marathon (in March 2013) as a potential warm-up event and I have to admit, I like this idea. I already ran a half-marathon a couple of years ago (with a finish time of 02:03:03) so am eager to have another crack at it. However, I doubt that I will get significantly under this time but my aim is to finish first! They are not accepting any sign-ups until the beginning of December so I need to work my enthusiasm up.

My natural distance is still the 10 km (with an occasional 15km cross country thrown in) so I suppose I need to regard the marathon as approx 5 of these runs, with 5x the pain all in one day!

Any recommendations for some nice, scenic 10 Km runs during the cold winter months?

Distance run: 9.0 km
Total run so far: 24.5 km

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