Thursday, 29 November 2012

142 Days to go - Another run and some football

Me in goal - actually, this is from Shaolin Soccer (film) but the kung fu intensity
 is the same...
A good friend of mine has asked me not to play my weekly five-a-side football team; I love football and it's a great way to socialise with work colleagues that I would not normally speak to. Not being unsociable but the company I work for is big enough that it's entirely possible that one doesn't know even half of your fellow staff members; not to mention those in different offices. So, football it is and since I play in goal, I think the possible knocks one would take when out in the field is avoided but I have taken a few to the face in the past but am sure this doesn't affect my running ability...does it?

Well it might affect whether I can see straight.....
So, I did another night time run and it was a fast one: the initial heart-breaking uphill run meant that the remaining 75% of the run was a relatively easy downhill sprint. I still ran through a load of mud puddles and er, other items on the path.

Distance run: 7.5 km
Total run so far: 32.0 km

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