Monday, 22 October 2012

183 days to go - accepting

Ok, so I have accepted the challenge of running in the 2013 London Marathon. I volunteer for MapAction, a unique humanitarian mapping charity and this time round, they have secured five places for MapAction volunteers to participate.

Having not run anything longer than a cross-country, it was time to step it up. So I signed up, part of me hoping that I would NOT be accepted. However, Chloe Browitt, the charity's energetic fund-raiser called me the other day and said, 'you're in! - now sign this and this and this...' - after dabbing my signature to the forms and handing over some monies I realised that I am, now indeed up to my neck in it.

Excitement mixed with fear in equal measure.

I have 183 days to go, surely that is enough time to start training? I mean, this blog and my donation page has been set up already. I must have time, right?

I hope to be at the finishing line....

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